It’s true! Diet accounts for almost 80% of your results whether you are looking to improve body composition, achieve weight loss, or gain strength and improve physical fitness.

I make it easier for you to reach your goals by providing nutrition coaching with my personal training services to teach you how to eat healthier and in a way that aligns with your goals. I provide meal plan examples, teach you how to meal prep, and coach you on better habits.

The dietary recommendation I start with, and that works well for most people, is Paleo. I love this diet because it focuses on eating fresh, nutrient-dense whole foods and eliminates foods that work against your health and fitness goals. Plus, it is easy for most people to follow and allows flexibility for your lifestyle.

The key is to eat a balanced diet rich in protein and colorful fruits and veggies.

The Paleo diet includes

  • high-quality grass-fed meat
  • pasture raised poultry
  • leafy green vegetables
  • colorful fruits and veggies
  • fermented foods
  • high-quality fish
  • high-quality fats

and eliminates foods associated with inflammation

  • dairy
  • grains
  • legumes
  • sugar
  • processed foods
  • fast food


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