Personal Training with Tine

My fitness routines are designed not only to help you learn correct exercise form but also to help you improve your strength, muscle tone, balance, coordination, range of motion, lose weight and create a quality of life you can enjoy. Functional training prepares the body for real-life movements and activities and trains your muscles to work together. Functional training will also make your other workouts more effective because your body will be better able to handle more load or intensity and recruit more muscle power. I use bodyweight, resistance, TRX, free weights, ropes, and medicine balls as opposed to sitting you down in a machine. 
Who can benefit from functional training? Anyone! I work with a wide range of people from mostly sedentary to recreational athletes. Anyone who spends most of their day sitting will benefit from a fitness routine targeted to improve posture and a runner will benefit from a fitness routine targeted to strengthen the muscles and joints of the legs, hip, and feet. Functional training is also great for anyone seeking weight loss because it teaches the body to move properly while increasing muscle recruitment and strength. The more muscle you build the more weight you lose, even when you are resting.

Training can improve your quality of life by giving you the fitness and the energy to play with children, enjoy outdoor sports, and feel fresh after a hard day’s work. To be successful in achieving your goals, you have to cut through all the fads and go straight to the proven, core principles of fitness and health. The fitter you are, the more of life’s joys you can experience.


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